Associated Students, Inc.


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A silent video plays in the background consisting of a collection of scenes from several ASI activities, events and programs. The first scene is an up close shot of a person tying a timing chip to their shoe before starting the Mustang Mile 5K. The next scene is a long shot of a men's socer game from behind one of the goals. The next scene the camera pans up from low to the ground in the Cal Poly recreation center, breakaway studio (which is empty) showing the spin bikes. The next scene is a close-up of people grabbing pizza slices then fades to people standing around during the kickball tournament. Next is a close-up of a microphone with guitar picks taped to the side then fade to a series of guitar sound-effect pedals on the stage and fades to the singer of Love and Theft playing acoustic guitar. This transitions to a close-up of a person reaching into a bag of chalk to prep for climbing the climbing wall outside the Cal Poly recreation center, then a person eating pizza and talking at the kickball tournament. The next scene is a group of 4 students doing a crazy, fun dance at the Mustang Mile event and the last scene before it loops to the beginning is the pitcher of a kickball team bouncing the ball on the mound.

people having fun at kickball tournament