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    Hundreds of times each day, an ASI employee helps someone like you. We want you to have an unforgettable time while you attend Cal Poly.

Our Vision

ASI will be every student's connection to the ultimate college experience.

Our Organization

It has always been, and will always be, about human potential. We're passionate about student success. We intend to improve lives. We care deeply about it and our work is never done.

Our Campus Partners

We are an auxiliary to Cal Poly and are in business to support the University's academic mission. We embrace a diverse campus with services and programs that enhance being a student. Our role is to enrich student life outside of the classroom by providing jobs and experiences they will never forget.

Our Customers

We are fully invested in student success. We intentionally strive to provide the level of service that creates positive experiences for our customers. It all goes back to our vision; the promise of a connection, but our work goes far beyond that. It's really about our being here to help students reach their potential.

Our Community

Every facility we operate is part of the Cal Poly community, and we take our responsibility to be good hosts seriously. We want everyone to feel welcome in each of our facilities whether it be the Recreation Center, The Julian A. McPhee University Union, the Children's Center, or the Sports Complex. Our facilities house programs that help students develop their potential. From providing space for a broad spectrum of academic events to our own recreational programs, we look for opportunities to positively impact lives in facilities that connect people with people.

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Our Purpose

Auxiliary organizations provide a wide range of activities on the CSU campuses. Recognizing the need for an extensive network of services to complement the core academic mission, the CSU has adopted a framework whereby some essential services may be provided by separate non-profit organizations.

In addition, because auxiliary organizations are private and not subject to the restrictions on state general funds, they permit more flexible use of available resources. These non-profit organizations exist as separate legal entities under the parameters outlined in the Educational Code.

The Board of Trustees of the CSU and campus presidents have broad policy oversight responsibility over auxiliary organizations, most of which are incorporated.

The Associated Students, Inc. is one corporate, legal entity responsible for the administration and oversight of all programs and services funded with University Union student mandatory fees and ASI student mandatory fees. All of our programs and services are educational in nature and serve to advance the mission of ASI.

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Strategic Plan

Our Values

Building Diverse Relationships

The ultimate college experience is all about the relationships. Through the programs and services that ASI offers, students are able to establish the kinds of mutually respectful relationships that last long after college is over. These relationships are based on shared interests or around a specific idea or cause. ASI creates a common bond, whether the interest is in intramural soccer or supporting sustainable farming.

Inspiring excellence

At ASI, status quo is a momentary resting place. All programs and services focus on continuing to grow, develop, stretch and evolve. ASI prides itself on setting the standard for student-run organizations and creating industry excellence in all programs. This commitment to excellence creates an organization that is constantly changing, forward thinking and progressive.

Having fun

At ASI, having fun is part of everyday life, partly because of the type of work that we do and partly because of the people that work here. Our job is to provide the co-curricular activities, such as recreational sports, outdoor adventures, and creative outlets that make life at Cal Poly fun. When you work with talented, dedicated people who work as a team, even work seems like play. We also take time to enjoy fun activities together and to appreciate the people who make ASI such a special place to work.

Continuously learning

ASI values learning, both individually and as an organization. Each employee is encouraged to develop professionally through continuing education, attending conferences or stretching their responsibilities to include a new area. Student employees and leaders learn through their work experiences and develop outstanding professional skills. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Acting with integrity

Ethical behavior and personal integrity are the foundation of interactions at ASI. An emphasis is placed on good decision making with the best interest of all students in mind. Difficult decisions are made for the best interest of the majority of students, even when that decision may not be the easiest one.