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    Looking for a unique location for your group meeting or your organization's event? ASI has a lot to offer with a variety of facilities available to Cal Poly students, Cal Poly affiliated programs and Non-Cal Poly affiliated groups.

ASI Managed Facilities

Recreation Center

Cal Poly Recreation Center

Sports Complex

Cal Poly
Sports Complex

University Union

Julian A. McPhee University Union

Poly P

Poly P

Reserving A Space

  • Space Availability

    Space Availability

    Check space availability at Cal Poly Events

    If the space is available, continue to Step 2.

  • Facility Charges

    Facility Charges

    Download our Fee Rate Sheet for information about facility charges.

    If the facility charges are within your budget,
    continue to step 3.

  • Find Scheduling Entity

    Scheduling Entities

    Internal Student Groups

    If you are a current student or student group, such as a Club or ISO, please create an E-Plan
    Email ASI Event Scheduling or call (805) 756-7587 for assistance.

    Internal Cal Poly Departments

    Visit University Scheduling and complete an Event Registration Form.
    Email University Scheduling or call (805) 756-5550 for assistance.

    External Users

    Visit Conference and Event Planning
    Contact Conference & Event Planning at (805) 756-7600 for assistance.

    Once you know your scheduling entity, continue to Step 4.

  • Reservation Request

    Reservation Request

    Each scheduling entity has a different process and timeframe. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate organization listed in Step 3.

    If you have submitted your request, continue to Step 5.

  • Request Approval

    Request Approval

    If you have successfully submitted all required information, your scheduling entity will send a response either approving or denying your request. Each entity has a different response time.

    If your request has been approved, continue to Step 6.

  • Event Needs & Details

    Event Needs & Details

    Now that your request has been approved, you will receive an email from ASI Event Logistics about your event needs and details. If you have a received the email with your final production schedule and room diagram, please continue to Step 7.

    Email ASI Event Management or contact:
    ASI Event Logistics, (805)-756-5844 for assistance.

  • Estimated Charges

    Estimated Charges

    Once your event needs and details have been submitted, you will receive an estimate via email.

    Last Minute Changes

    Fees will be assessed for last minute changes. Staff and equipment changes must be submitted 3 business days prior to an event.


    Fees will also be assessed for no shows. Groups who fail to notify their scheduling entity of a cancellation 2 business days prior to an event, will be considered a "no show".

    Please contact: ASI Event Management – Billing (805) 756-6127 with any questions or concerns.

  • Event Occurrence

    Event Occurrence

    Please print out your final production schedule to reference before and during your event.

    Once your event has occurred, please continue to Step 9.

    Email ASI Event Scheduling & Management or contact:
    UU: (805) 756-1163 RC: (805) 756-2148 for assistance.

  • Post Event

    Post Event

    Thank you for choosing ASI Event Scheduling & Management to fulfill your needs for events in the University Union, Recreation Center and/or Sports Complex.

    We hope you had a wonderful time at your event. If you could please take a moment and fill out our Event Satisfaction Survey , we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

    Once your event has occurred, charges for your event will be processed. A final invoice can be expected the following month.



Lead times are dependent on the details of your event. Learn more below!


  • General Club meetings (2hrs or less)
  • Sandwich Boards/Tri-Fold Displays
  • Information Tables/Booths
  • Classrooms
  • UU Conference Rooms


  • On-campus events & meetings
  • Food/Drinks
  • Sale of merchandise
  • Amplified Sound/Music
  • Chalking Reservations


  • On & Off-campus events
  • Events involving alcohol
  • Need multiple campus enity approvals
  • Events in Chumash, UU220
  • Rec Center, Sports Complex, PAC or Spanos



Questions about the E-Plan process

Clubs and ISOs have different requirements regarding E-Plan submission.

  • Clubs: Any on or off campus event, meeting, booth, table, chalking, or sandwich board affiliated with your club.
  • Independent Student Organization (ISO): Any on campus event, meeting, booth, table, chalking, or sandwich board affiliated with your organization.

Visit Cal Poly Events for the Cal Poly master calendar. To check the availability of a specific space on campus:

  • Go to Cal Poly Events main page
  • Click on the tab “Check Space Availability by Space Type” at the top of the page.
  • On the left pane, view the options for the type of space you are looking for. Select your desired date from the calendar.
  • The grid on the page will show you all of the reservations and openings for rooms on a specific day. Click on the space numbers on the left pane of the grid (ex: 003-213) to view pictures and details about the space.

Anyone with a Cal Poly email log-in can submit an E-Plan for any club or ISO. The E-Plan must be approved by the President for ISOs and both the President and advisor for clubs.

E-Plans can be submitted online.

Clubs and ISOs can begin entering E-Plans for the next academic year on May 1st. Please note that E-Plans will be processed in the order in which they are approved by the President and Faculty Advisor (when applicable).

The timelines are in place to ensure that other campus entities are not affected by last minute requests. The E-Plan website will not allow you to enter an E-Plan past the necessary deadline. We request that you follow the timelines and enter your E-Plans in the beginning of your event planning process.

We are, however, well-versed in the complexity of event planning. We understand that last minute issues come up, and coordinating an event can be unpredictable. If you are in a bind, please come talk to us in the UU Epicenter and we will do our best to help you.

There are three different types of E-Plan forms available: the Long Form, the Short Form, and the Reservation Fast Pass. Different types of events require different forms. Please see the descriptions below to learn which form is required for your event.

The E-Plan Long Form must be submitted and approved 14 days prior to the requested date. The E-Plan Long Form can be used for all on or off campus events and MUST be used in the following instances:

  • Off-campus events
  • Events in large venues (Chumash Auditorium, UU 220, UU Plaza Stage, Performing Arts Center, Spanos Theater, Recreation Center, Sports Complex, Mott Complex)
  • Events involving:
    • Contracts
    • Paid service providers
    • Travel
    • Alcohol
    • ASI staffing

The E-Plan Short Form must be submitted 7 days prior to the requested date and can be used in the following instances:

  • On-campus events and meetings
  • Sandwich boards or tri-fold boards
  • UU information tables and booths
  • Events involving:
    • Food
    • Sale of merchandise
    • Amplified sound/music
    • Parking permits
    • Chalking
    • Renting sporting equipment
    • Use of Cal Poly names, symbols, or marks
    • Showing a film/video

The E-Plan Short Form can NOT be used in the following instances:

  • Off-campus events
  • Events involving:
    • Contracts
    • Paid service providers
    • Travel
    • Alcohol
    • ASI staffing
  • Events held at:
    • Chumash Auditorium
    • UU 220
    • Performing Arts Center (PAC)
    • Spanos Theater
    • Mott Complex
    • Sports Complex (Clubs/ISOs)

The Reservation Fast Pass must be submitted 3 business days prior to the requested date and can ONLY be used in the following instances:

  • General meetings in any applicable classroom for 2 hours or less. No food, merchandise sales, amplified sound, showing a film/video, etc.
  • UU Conference Rooms (except UU 220)
  • Sandwich Boards or Tri-fold Display
  • Chalking (campus-wide)

If a room is not listed on the dropdown menu of the E-Plan, it is likely because the space is managed by an academic department. In order for ASI Event Scheduling & Management to reserve the space, we will need written permission from the department. You are responsible for contacting the department directly, obtaining written permission, and providing it to ASI before the space can be reserved for you.

The reference number is a lettered code (an example is: 2016-AAWKCH) that is used to label an event, once it has been entered into our system. It can be found at the top of our emails. It is helpful to provide a reference number if you have any inquiries about your E-Plan.


I’m having trouble submitting my E-Plan

The E-Plan form pulls information directly from the club charter. Please contact ASI Club Services at (805) 756-5807 to inquire about the status of your organization.

If the E-Plan form does not reflect the most up to date information from your club charter, please submit a paper copy of the E-Plan with physical signatures from your president/faculty advisor.

If this problem persists please contact ASI Club Services at (805) 756-5807 to ensure that your charter is up to date.

If your faculty advisor is unable to approve your E-Plan for any reason, any Co-Advisor or Dean listed on your Club Charter can approve the E-Plan by sending an email stating their approval. If you do not have a Co-Advisor on your Club Charter, we highly suggest adding one. The Co-Advisor is not required to complete the online Club Training. Contact Club Services at (805) 756-5807 to request to add a Co-Advisor.

We understand that the reasons your advisor cannot approve your E-Plan are often out of your control. If you’re unable to reach your faculty advisor, please come talk to us in the UU Epicenter and we will do our best to help you.


I have questions about event requirements.

Club contracts are needed when a paid service provider is involved with an event. This could be a company, venue, or a guest speaker. Contracts made with the service provider should be given to Club Services in the UU Epicenter. These contracts must be turned in 14 days before an event.

If an event is located at Farmer’s Market, a contract with the Downtown Association must be made three weeks in advance of the event. We recommend submitting your E-Plan at least a month before your anticipated event.

Risk assessment may have been selected for many reasons. If an event has a head count of 50 or more, is off-campus, or involves a risky activity it will be selected for risk assessment.

There is no immediate action required on your part. Risk assessment is selected as a precaution in case there is risk involved in an event. You will be notified if any forms or additional steps are necessary.

Food safety will be selected if an organization plans to serve food that University Catering/Dining or an approved off-campus caterer has not prepared.

There is immediate action required to obtain the proper approvals. A temporary food permit and food safety quiz must be submitted to ASI Club Services. You can find these forms on the Cal Poly Administration & Finance website.

Additionally, if food is not purchased from University Catering/Dining, or from an approved off-campus caterer, a waiver must be obtained from the Campus Dining Office.


I have a question about my event set-up.

You will be contacted by our Event Management staff within the weeks leading up to your event. If you need to get in contact with them sooner, please contact: UU (805) 756-1163 or Rec Center (805) 756-2148, or email ASI Event Management.

The ASI rate sheet lists the costs for use of certain facilities as well as information about what is included when your club reserves an ASI managed space (room set-up, audio/visual equipment, tables, chairs, etc.)

Yes. Please check in with the Facility Supervisor desk, which is located upstairs in the University Union. They will provide you with a table and/or chairs free of charge.

No. If you are interested in reserving a table or chairs on Dexter Lawn please contact University Facilities at (805) 756-2321. Please note that there is a small fee for supply rentals.

If you arrive to your reserved room and it is locked, call UPD at (805) 756-2281 to unlock it. Have your Confirmation Notice ready as verification that the room has been reserved for you.


I need to make a change to my E-Plan.

If your E-Plan is tentative/confirmed please contact us by email listing your event reference number, your organization, and your desired request.

If your E-Plan has not yet been processed please contact us by email letting us know the status of your E-Plan, your organization, and your desired request.


Where can I get more information?

The ASI Event Scheduling & Management Staff is located in the UU Epicenter, on the second floor of the University Union. We are open from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. You can also reach us by phone at (805) 756-7587 or email ASI E-Plan