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    Welcome to Club Services. Cal Poly students can choose from more than 300 student clubs and organizations. If there isn't one that matches what you're looking for, we can help you start a new club.

Important Updates

April 3, 2017

The Dean of Students Office and the Cal Poly Office of Risk Management in conjunction with ASI has recently undergone a review of policies and procedures related to clubs and organization events. As an institution of higher learning, we are always doing our due diligence in ensuring our policies and procedures are legal, sound, and in line with CSU best practices.

April 3, 2017 Club Communication: Contracts, Insurance, Travel Update Memo

Get Involved

Getting involved in a student club or organization can enhance your overall experience at Cal Poly. Students in clubs and organizations create a campus support network, develop leadership and interpersonal skills and foster life-long commitment to service.


Starting A New Club

The university, through the Office of the Dean of Students, officially recognizes Cal Poly clubs. ASI is a partner with the university, charged with administering day-to-day club operations. Starting a new club is a process that requires the participation of the new club, ASI Club Services, and the Office of the Dean of Students, as outlined below.

  • Club Availability

    Club Availability

    Ensure that no other club currently exists with a similar purpose.

  • Recruit Members

    Recruit members

    Find a minimum of eight currently enrolled Cal Poly students that are interested in being a part of the club.

  • Find an Advisor

    Find an Advisor

    Find a Cal Poly State University employee who would be willing to serve as the club's advisor.

  • Complete Petition

    Complete Petition

    Complete the Petition for University Recognition

  • Complete Bylaws

    Complete Bylaws

    Complete bylaws using the Cal Poly Club Bylaw Template

  • Submit all Documents

    Submit all Documents

    Submit the Petition for University Recognition form, bylaws, and an electronic copy of the bylaws (e.g., on CD) (not mandatory) to ASI Club Services for processing. Completion of these items begins the club recognition process; however, club activities and events cannot commence until the club has been officially recognized by the university through the Office of the Dean of Students.

    For additional step-by-step instructions on what is involved in starting a new Cal Poly club, please review the Cal Poly RSO Handbook

Starting a New Independent Student Organization (ISO)

The university, through the Office of the Dean of Students, officially recognizes ISOs. ASI is a partner with the university, charged with administering the rostering and E-Plan process for ISOs. Starting a new ISO is a process that requires the participation of the new ISO, ASI Club Services, and the Office of the Dean of Students.

To be considered for recognition as an ISO, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain official affiliation with a national organization, or Incorporation as a non-profit
  2. Follow a national organization's constitution
  3. Follow a national organization's bylaws (customizing bylaws to the local organization is acceptable per authorization from the national organization)
  4. Members must pay quarterly or annual dues that partially go to their national organization.
  5. The national organization provides insurance for its affiliated chapters.

If you believe your organization meets the above ISO criteria, the next step in the process of starting a new ISO is to schedule a meeting with the Office of the Dean of Students. At this meeting, it will be determined if in fact the ISO criteria have been met by your organization.

If your student organization is interested in becoming a recognized Cal Poly ISO, please review the ISO criteria below:

  1. 1 Enter into a Recognition Agreement with the university
  2. 2 Provide a certificate of insurance from your organizations national governing body
  3. 3 Complete online training
  4. 4 Submit a Roster to ASI Club Services

ISOs are required to submit a Roster, contract, proof of insurance, and proof of an off-campus bank account every year.

For additional step-by-step instructions on what is involved in starting a new ISO, please review the Cal Poly RSO Handbook.

Online Training

The University, through The Dean of Students Office, officially recognizes Cal Poly clubs based on university standards and requirements, which include a current Charter. In order to remain active (e.g. access club funds, receive ASI Club Funding, submit E-Plans), all presidents, treasurers and advisors must complete the online training annually, and every club must renew its charter each year.

If you have difficulty completing the training process, please contact ASI Club Services for available training options.

2017-18 Recognized Student Organization Online Training

Charters for 2016-17 will expire on October 13, 2017 at which time Cal Poly Recognized Student Organizations (RSO's) will no longer be able to operate until the chartering process for 2017-18 has been completed. Presidents, treasurers and advisors can complete the online training process now and remain active until October 12, 2018.

Note: Due to recent policy updates made by the University, a truncated Returning Advisor Training is not available for 2017-18. All advisors, new and returning, must complete the full Advisor Training.

2017-18 Club Sports Online Training:

2017-18 Independent Student Organization Online Training:


Applications for the 2017-18 Academic Year are now being accepted.

ASI Club Sponsorship ($500)

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship ($1,650)

ASI Club Event Insurance


As a club officer, it is important to have the necessary tools to be successful in your position. Here you will find a few important resources to assist you in the process.

Student Organization Handbooks

The Cal Poly Club Handbook and ISO Handbook provide key information to help your student organization succeed. These handbooks are designed to assist your student organization with understanding University policies, identifying resources available through ASI Club Services and obtaining information that will help make your activities function efficiently.

Please note that all student organization activities must comply with Campus Administrative Policies.

A reference copy of the Cal Poly Club Handbook is available at the ASI Club Services Self Service Station (located outside of the Epicenter).


If the PRF is submitted with all required information, signatures and supporting documentation, payment will be available within seven business days.
To deposit money into a club's account, an officer of the club that is listed on the current Charter must go directly to the CHASE bank branch located on the first floor of the University Union. The Cal Poly CHASE branch is the only CHASE Bank that accepts club deposits.
An E-Plan is a process that assists clubs and ISOs with the event planning process. It also serves as a tool for campus entities to coordinate multiple campus events and assess risk for each. Clubs must submit E-Plans for both on and off campus events. ISOs only submit E-Plans for on campus events. E-Plans must be completed, approved, and submitted online.


Looking for Club/ISO Forms? Club Forms & Policies

The following is a list of Cal Poly clubs that are currently recognized by the University:


The LEAD Awards, Leadership and Engagement Achievements of Distinction, recognize Clubs, Club Sports, and Independent Student Organizations (ISO), as well as students from the Center for Leadership & Service, Center for Service in Action, and Fraternity & Sorority Life for their exceptional contributions to Cal Poly.

This collaborative awards ceremony will showcase leadership and service efforts from outstanding students across campus. Attendees are invited to enjoy refreshments, mingling, networking, and recognition of the suite of leadership achievements at Cal Poly.


Nominations for Club, Sport Club, ISO, and Advisor of the Year for 2016-17 have concluded.


Already know which E-Plan is for you?

For every club event, on or off campus, an E-Plan is required. An E-Plan serves as a tool for campus entities to coordinate and accommodate multiple campus events and assess each event for risk. All club events and meeting requests will be submitted via an E-Plan. E-Plans must be completed, approved, and submitted online.

Types of E-Plans