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By: Dora Mountain on Sep 23, 2016 in ASI Student Government

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Thirsty? No problem! ASI is helping students stay hydrated while taking action to help lessen environmental impact with the addition of Hydration Stations located around campus. These stations allow users to fill up a variety of container sizes with filtered water. In spring of 2015, the ASI Board of Directors initiated a partnership with Cal Poly to install 25 water bottle filling stations throughout the Cal Poly campus. In making their decision, the Board cited their commitment to sustainability and a genuine concern for reducing the campus consumption of single use plastic water bottles. Each of the new bottle filling stations were designed to have a small placard installed on the face of the units to remind the campus of ASI’s continued commitment to this important cause and show of support to ongoing sustainability efforts.

“The Hydration Stations are a positive addition to our campus that will move us towards a more sustainable future,” states Riley Nilsen, Chair of ASI Student Government Board of Directors. “Hopefully, students will bring reusable water bottles to campus and be able to take advantage of the Brita® stations we have installed. These are valuable resources for students and ASI is excited to be able to provide this service.”

To finance the endeavor, ASI committed $155,000 of reserves toward the project which began in summer 2015. While the project is still ongoing, all 25 stations are scheduled to be installed and operational by the end of October.  

So before heading to class, make sure to bring your water bottle. With Hydration Stations, refills are always free. These stations are currently in 6 buildings across campus with 19 more coming soon. Enjoy and stay hydrated, friends.

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