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Since 1999 CowParade events have been staged in 79 cities worldwide. As the largest and most successful public art event in the world—it is estimate that over half a billion people over six continents have seen one of the over 5,000 famous cows. The cows have been created by a variety of both professional and amateur artists worldwide totaling over 10,000. More than $30 million has been raised for charitable organizations through the auction of the cows, which take place at the conclusion of each event.

This year, Cal Poly joined San Luis Obispo County’s charity benefit with five cows uniquely designed to highlight the Cal Poly legacy of Learn by Doing. These cows are brought to our community by Cal Poly’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences—the fifth-largest college of agriculture in the country. Students of this college study to become professionals in the agricultural industry facing the complex challenge to feed the world in sustainable ways.

CowParade San Luis Obispo County features 101 life-sized cow statues, each decorated by sponsored artists. One September 17, these cows grazed the meadow at Madonna Inn for public viewing, afterwards, moo-ving throughout the county. These art installations will remain up for seven months. The entire Cal Poly herd will be on display at various locations on campus from October 2016 to May 2017. Several of the cows will then be auctioned off, with the money donated to specific Cal Poly departments and programs.

Our very own Cal Poly Moostang has setup residency in the Julian A. McPhee University Union. This particular cow was created by the Cal Poly Creative Services design team of three students who worked under the art direction of graphic design Kara Suzuki. The team is part of University Marketing and include artists Kristen Meadows, Kyleigh Metzger, and Cody Mindling, all students of the Cal Poly art and design department concentrating in graphic design.

The full lineup of Cal Poly and College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) cows are:

  • Cal Poly Moostang: Cal Poly’s official cow, designed and painted by art and design students Kristen Meadows, Kyleigh Metzger and Cody Mindling, inspired by Cal Poly’s mustang mascot, Chase.
  • SLO COWnty Brands: College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences’ cow brings to life San Luis Obispo County’s iconic cattle brands, including the college’s own Bar P. In true Learn by Doing fashion, fourth-year agricultural communications student Annierose Seifert designed and painted the cow to reflect her interpretation of Western and agricultural lifestyles.
  • See Cow Do: The Experience Industry Management (formerly the Recreation, Parks and Tourism) Department’s cow, painted by area artist Deprise Brescia, reflects California’s iconic travel destinations and brings to life Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing mission, as well as the department’s tagline, Live | Protect | Explore.
  • Legends of Cow Poly: Cal Poly’s esteemed Learn by Doing dairy science program has graduated generations of California dairy industry leaders. The artist pays homage to the hands-on learning principal that contributed to their success. 
  • Micow Distillery: Designed by sculptor Bouba Boumaiz and sponsored by a College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences class of 2020 parent, this cow is a well-riveted and well-grounded cow that uses methane to fuel an internal steam engine. The cow highlights CAFES’ fermentation sciences program, currently under development.

Follow the art installation project that makes appearances in such places as Tokyo, Paris, New York, and London in your very own San Luis Obispo County. Cows will be on display through April, so don’t delay! Organizers anticipate more than 200,000 tourists and locals will view the exhibition. In May 2017, the cows will be auctioned at a gala. Proceeds will benefit The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, ARTS Obispo, California Mid-State Fair Heritage Foundation, and selected sponsor charities.

Cow Poly Moostang


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