ASI Student Staff Spotlight: Meet Kaylee Brunke

By: Jenna Brown on Nov 08, 2017 in ASI Staff Spotlights

Name: Kaylee Brunke
Position: Event Scheduling Student Assistant
Major: Journalism
Minor: Integrated Marketing Communications
School year: 4th
Hometown: Orange County, CA
1) What makes you happy?
Happiness is capricious because it is merely a temporary emotion but the most permanent source of happiness in my life is the awesome relationships I have with my friends and family.
2) What's something most people don't know about you?
Most people don’t know that when I was younger I acted in commercials, movies, and TV shows. Lucky for me (and my parents!) this was able to pay a good portion of my college tuition and almost all of my study abroad expenses!
3) Share your favorite memory working for ASI.
I haven’t been with ASI for very long but the best part is definitely the people I’m surrounded by. I work with an awesome team that gets along more like friends than co-workers and everyone else I’ve met in ASI is great as well.
4) If you could create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
Don’t let things happen, make them happen.
5) What's the best place you've traveled to and why?
PRAGUE! I’m probably just feeling nostalgic because this is where I studied abroad but it is truly the most incredible city in the world. When I was abroad, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to 16 countries, but everywhere I went, I couldn’t wait to return to my home base. Prague is beautiful, charming, and looks right out of a medieval storybook. There’s so much to do, so many places to explore, and so much food to try. The culture is very different than that of what we are used to here, but every day I dream about the moment I get to return.
6) Where's your favorite spot in SLO?
Prefumo Canyon; especially in the winter or after it has just rained because of the beautiful green hills!
7) What's one thing you can't leave home without?
My Hydro Flask—it makes me anxious to not have my water bottle near me at all times; somehow when it’s out of my sight I instantly become thirsty.
8) What's on your bucket list?
My bucket list mainly revolves around traveling—I’m hoping to visit Peru and hike the Inca Trail with my mom! I also must snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, and ride a camel in the Sahara Desert. I often talk to my parents about how I’m so in love with Switzerland because it’s truly the most beautiful country; one day I hope to make enough money so that I can take them there!
9) What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?
Immediately after I graduate I’m hoping to experience city living in either San Francisco or New York City. Right now I’m looking into marketing and sales positions, but I’ll be grateful to any company that actually offers me a job. Long term, I hope I’m able to maintain close relationships with my friends, take time to travel, go to concerts, experience new things, maybe do some humanitarian work, then eventually start a family of my own.
10) What advice would you give to students interested in working for ASI?
Be yourself. Be open to learning new things. Be optimistic about working with new people.
Kaylee Brunke


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