Bikes, Buses, and the Benefits of Alternative Transportation

By: Jenna Brown on Oct 20, 2017 in ASI Student Government

Cal Poly parking permits seemed to sell out faster than Coachella tickets this fall. Increased demand and high costs have made securing a permit harder than ever, but the hassle and fees can all be avoided with alternative transportation.

“We have so many options for alternative modes of transportation,” ASI President Riley Nilsen said. “Carpool, bike, walk, bus, lease a BoltAbout bike, do whatever it takes to get to campus without purchasing a parking pass. I promise that your wallet and your health will thank you later.”

As part of an initiative to educate students on alternative methods of transportation, ASI Student Government conducted a survey among Cal Poly students to test their transportation knowledge. Over 2,500 students participated and were entered into a drawing to win a free bike valued at $300.

"I took the survey because I know what a struggle it can be trying to find parking on campus,” contest winner and English major Natalie Priest said. “If anything brings more awareness to other modes of transportation, I'm all for it! I'm proud to be part of a campus culture that emphasizes sustainability and lowering our overall environmental impact.”

While 95 percent of students are aware they can ride the SLO Transit bus for free, only 26 percent are aware of alternative options like BoltAbout that lease students electric bikes. Taking advantage of alternative transportation can help students save money and time, all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Check out the following resources to learn more about alternative ways to travel to campus and around San Luis Obispo:

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