The results are in! Meet your new ASI President and Board of Directors!

By: Jenna Brown on Apr 27, 2017 in ASI Student Government

Article Revised: May 17, 2017 13:16 PM

The votes have all been tallied, and your new 2017–18 ASI President is Riley Nilsen! Riley is a College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences major and promises to focus on her platforms to Reach, Relate, and Recognize by empowering students, strengthening collaborative relationships, and recognizing opportunities for student rights. 28 percent of students voted in this election and Riley received 2,279 total votes.

“I'm so proud of all the students that voted,” ASI Board Member and Chair of the Recruitment and Development Committee Lexie Bonestroo said. “It really shows how engaged and invested students are in this campus.”

28 students won seats representing their college on the ASI Board of Directors. The ASI Board of Directors consists of elected positions and serves as the official voice of Cal Poly students regarding student advocacy efforts and ASI corporate activity. The 2017–18 new ASI Board of Directors members are:

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

  • Samantha Seems
  • Harrison Tucker
  • Ana Padilla

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

  • Mark Borges
  • James Broaddus
  • Sergio Dimas
  • Layla Lopez
  • Haley Warner

College of Engineering

  • Maggie Cheung
  • John D’Ambrosio
  • Sarah Downing
  • Denae Dupray
  • John Griffin 

College of Liberal Arts

  • Abby Cavanaugh
  • Annalise Delfosse
  • Rita Elfarissi
  • Ruby Ludford
  • James Smith

College of Science and Mathematics

  • Ethan Alexander
  • Gianna Ciaccio
  • Mitchell Collins
  • Tim Wetzel
  • Kaitlin Miknich

Orfalea College of Business

  • Matthew Bell
  • Daniela Czerny
  • Denise Hensley
  • Adriena Le
  • Gabi Trapani

Visit the ASI Elections website for more information. Winners will be ratified by the ASI Board of Directors at the May 10, 2017 meeting. Stay up-to-date on all things ASI Student Government by following the ASI Student Government Facebook and Cal Poly ASI Instagram @calpolyasi.

2017–2018 ASI President Riley Nilsen announced


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